Capitalism is a curse.

I’ve just told my boss where to stick it just a week after making it to a senior management role. That was my lifetime dream. How sad! I felt like a slave, a rich slave but a slave all the same.

I have no guilt for the money I’ve earned, which is more than both my parents did. My teams and I have worked hard enough for that money.

I was and still am annoyed by the fact that my salary and bonuses are a mere fraction of the whole profit made by my now-former company and this money will go to a small bunch of arrogant wankers who believe they’re part of an elite. Their sole concern is increasing their profit at all cost without actually working for it. Moreover, they’ll happily bully you if the results are not up to their expectations. I felt guilty to be part of this and just couldn’t stand it anymore.

What I’m going through now is probably just another case of social reproduction as I come from a middle class family and I couldn’t adapt to a higher social status.

I don’t really know what to do with my life now, though. That’s the trick with capitalism. You’re either in the system or against it.