To me, cruising is fantastic and I’m turning into an expert! I love that bestial feel to it. So far, I’ve always been going to the same place and depending on the mood of the day, I tend to act differently. Either I walk around or I stand still somewhere till I see one I like.

I realised I’m more successful when I kind of dress up a bit. The sports kit is usually a safe bet. I tried the suit once to play it straight but nobody really bought into it. Maybe I tried too hard or it was the wrong crowd. The full monty, though is definitely a keeper. Once I get naked out there, I turn into a real magnet!

Having sex outside with guys I don’t know and don’t even want to know in the 1st place is the aspect of gay sex and maybe male sexuality I prefer. Just sex for the sake of sex without any commitment or guilt whatsoever. No talk, just action.

And yet, there’s a whole lot of communication going on in the attitude, the look in our eyes, the way we look, what we choose to wear or not to wear.

I’m going back!…