I can’t believe I’ve just been dumped. Actually, it’s not even dumped, he’s been ignoring me for the last 2 days while we used to text all day long so I guess that’s it then.

I must have missed my chance. He did tell me with his little cute face that although he liked the idea of dating a little before fucking a guy, he saw relationships, at least at the beginning like car test drives. If sex was not up to his standards, then he wouldn’t bother.  That’s what he learned from his past relationships. That was a warning…

Alrighty, I need to find a bright side to this. Now.

Let me think.

Oh! I know.

In this case, technically, we haven’t actually had proper sex so there’s no way he can think I was crap in bed. We had a tiny little bit of foreplay after coming back from clubbing a few days ago but we both were so wasted there was no way we could have anything serious.

Fine, next!