Fantasies!!! I used to have so many! Especially after I arrived from my little town in the middle of nowhere. I still have tons of fantasies, though.

I remember being so excited and looking forward to living surrounded by perfect strangers and here I am now living the dream full on. I’m exposing myself to some neighbour from the opposite building. I have no idea who he is and I’m not even sure he’s good looking but yesterday and earlier on he was wanking like crazy. At least, he looks like he’s enjoying the view! It’s always better than nothing.

I know it’s a bit cheesy but I’m not hurting anyone, am I? Oh God, I can’t believe even here, I’m trying to justify my actions when clearly nobody cares and I’ve got a receptive audience. You can take the boy out of the small shitty town but not so much the guilt and all the rest out of him. Oh well, I guess I’ve got fantasies to live and issues to tackle. That should keep me busy.