I don’t know what I’m thinking today. I’ve been obsessed the whole day with people who are good looking and how lucky they are. It’s not jealousy as I’m not ugly myself in the 1st place and I don’t even want to be a stunner that everyone stares at in awe anytime I walk into a room. Good job I don’t care about that because I’d be miserable otherwise. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a stunner just for 24 hours or better, 48 so I know what I’d look like upon waking up.

Good looks are a true benefit though. A study has proved that nice-featured people tend to be more successful than say, the not-so-nice-featured ones. Some people managed to get paid to think about what good looks bring. Good on them!

I remember at school where guys and girls were popular mainly thanks to their good looks. Coming from a rich family was the ultimate cooler than cool. Still is!

Although I wasn’t ugly, I wasn’t good looking enough nor rich enough to be cool and popular. A new class had to be created for people like me; the nice ones. I was told I had the reputation of being a nice guy. Neither cool nor rich, just nice… Oh well.

I can’t think of any disadvantage of being pretty. It would be different if I were a girl but for men, it’s all good. We are even said to be sexy with white hair when we become silver foxes. People don’t seem to care as much either if or when we grow a spare tyre around the waist or have wrinkles on the face. When that happens to me, I’ll seriously have to fill in the gaps of my looks with nice personality. Just what I’ve always done.