After Duane Michals’ Chance Meeting series

I’m a serious people watcher. In fact I’m specialised in gay spotting. Working in the City has made my Gaydar technique infallible. It’s still very homophobic out there and loads of men believe that wearing a suit masks who they are. I used to myself.

No matter where I am I always stare at men’s eyes. 9 times out of 10, upon eye contact the gay men will look away whereas the straight ones tend to think I know them and nod discreetly.

I’ve never really found out why this happens between gay men. I think for a start I can’t help the look in my eyes that always enquires about men’s sexuality. I have to admit that I often look away myself when I come across gay men and usually it’s because I don’t want them to think I’m cruising them or make them uneasy or something. I guess I’m just doing that out of curiosity to know whether I’m the only gay in the village. I’m so not and it’s nice to know.