Now that I’m well in my thirties I have to say that I feel like I’ve reached a peak in my life. I’ve never felt so comfortable, confident and yeah, well… sexy. I don’t think I’m being vain although for sure, I would never dare to say that I’m humble but I did work and sweat my ass off to get the body and most importantly life I wanted.

Hopefully, I’ll be as fulfilled in my forties as I feel right now.

I wish I could remember how high I feel right now so I can cheer myself up in case of rainy days in a few weeks’ time or a couple of decades.

I’m not too worried about that as since I was a child, I always knew that the best thing that could happen to me was first to grow up and then grow old. I would definitely not turn back time for the world.

Let’s see if I still feel the same when I’m an old queen.

I’ll write again about that when I’m an old queen.