I used to be so romantic as a child. My ideal was even to go out with matching outfits. Urgh!!! Now though, I’m so cynical that I feel like I became romance proof.

So let me try and find an explanation to that. Nothing major happened during my childhood. In my previous relationships, I’ve probably been disappointed once too many and now, I’ve definitely given up on finding Prince Charming. On the other hand, I feel sorry for the ones who are hoping for Prince Charming!

Reality check, instead of bedding Prince Charming, I live with an amazing guy. It could be a lot worse after all. On top of all that, even if Prince Charming was alive and kicking, by my side and horny as hell, I’d still find a way to get blasé and end up miserable. I know myself.

I’d give everything, my all just like the song says without regret to change my way of thinking. I so wish I could be happy with whatever I’ve got, whoever I’m with and stop hoping for more or something different.

I’m sure for most sensible people, wanting constantly more keeps them on their toes but it just makes me bitter and twisted.