Now that I’m well in my thirties I have to say that I feel like I’ve reached a peak in my life. I’ve never felt so comfortable, confident and yeah, well... sexy. I don’t think I’m being vain although for sure, I would never dare to say that I’m humble but I did work and sweat my ass off to get the body and most importantly life I wanted.

Hopefully, I’ll be as fulfilled in my forties as I feel right now.

I wish I could remember how high I feel right now so I can cheer myself up in case of rainy days in a few weeks’ time or a couple of decades.

I’m not too worried about that as since I was a child, I always knew that the best thing that could happen to me was first to grow up and then grow old. I would definitely not turn back time for the world.

Let’s see if I still feel the same when I’m an old queen.

I’ll write again about that when I’m an old queen.

Glad I'm Gay

I’m glad I’m gay. I wouldn’t be miserable if I were straight, but because of the society we live in and because sexuality defines a lot more of our personality than we agree to accept, most gay people have to follow a path straight people don’t.

In my opinion, it’s mainly down to learning how to get over feeling different and coming to terms with being out of the majority.

As homophobia is still not considered as bad as racism, we have to find ways to overcome it within ourselves. How many of us have been bullied at school or are afraid to come out at work or even in their families? As long as no one is beaten up or victim of discrimination, the whole process is enriching in the long run.